Submission Guidelines

Welcome to Mary Sue Dies!

If you are interested in submitting a book for review, please send a .mobi file to [email protected].

Mary Sue Dies is happy to review your book if it’s a romance. Any sub-genre is fine but not pure erotica please. Erotica isn’t romance although romance can be erotica…make sense? Fantasy, New Adult, Historical, Contemporary, Young Adult, are all accepted. Please make sure that your book is primarily a romance.

I love self-published authors! But please don’t submit your book if it hasn’t been professionally edited and copyedited. We all need an editor, I wish I had one!

Mary Sue Dies reserves the right to not review every book submitted. I can guarantee that I will try my best.

It is sad that I have to add this but I am never paid for reviews. I don’t do free publicity for authors or publishing companies outside of writing reviews because I love to read. My reviews are always my honest opinion. Don’t check my site for signing tour dates, interviews, “blitzs” or cover reveals. There are other fun sites that do that stuff, and that’s great. I’m not really into the PR or celebrity side of the book business. I just want to lose myself in a great book, talk about great books, and find out which new great book to start next.

Finally anyone may feel free to use any reviews posted on Mary Sue Dies for publicity or other purposes. Just please don’t edit my writing and give credit to the blog when you post the review.

For additional hints please read my Advice for Authors post.


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